What Should I wear?

First and foremost, you should wear what you feel your best in! It might sound cliché, but it really can make a difference in how comfortable you look in front of the camera. Otherwise, fabrics with a bit of movement to them work really nicely in photos. Try to avoid really high contrast pattern/color combinations (like black and white checkers).

What if the weather is bad?

Most people's version of "bad weather" is usually a photographer's dream! We love cloud cover - it makes a huge softbox in the sky. Gusty weather gives you that celebrity windblown look. Even if it rains, we have some favorite locations where you can stay dry under cover. That being said, we do keep an eye on the weather a few days out from your event. Often times we can dodge the weather by moving the shoot by a few hours on the same day. If the weather is looking truly miserable and your event is something we can reschedule (i.e. not a wedding), we'll find a new date as close as possible to the original timeline that works for the both of us.

A blonde woman laughing while holding some tall grasses


We'll help you out with that! We promise your hands won't look as awkward as they suddenly feel on the day of a shoot. We'll guide you into natural looking poses that will give your hands a place to be!

How soon can I get the photos?

For most shoots, you'll get your photos after a couple of weeks. For a wedding it takes about four weeks. If you need a rush turnaround, get in touch! We can make that happen too.


Short answer - no (sorry!). Culling and editing just as important as the shoot itself. We promise to carefully curate and edit the shots that represent the best version of you on your special day.

How does payment work?

We require a 50% deposit up front at the time the contract is signed.

Do you do video?

We don't offer video services.

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